The McLaren Sport Series 0

p13McLaren are to launch a brand new Sports Series vehicle to rival the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes AMG GT.

The model name was just recently confirmed and will launch in the second quarter of 2015. It was previously only known by the codename ‘P13’.

The sports car company refer to the vehicle as a “pure McLaren”. It is set to be entered within the category below the 650S supercar, entering this particular segment of the market for the first time.

We believe the Sports Series will be previewed at the Geneva motor show in 2015. For an ‘entry level’ car, it is certainly a spectacular one.

Technical details

At the moment there are not too many technical details regarding the car. It has been confirmed however that a ‘carbon fibre chassis and mid-mounted V8 engine’ will come with the car, the same as the P1. A 3.8 litre twin turbo capable of 450 BHP or above is also expected to come with the car. McLaren will also try and make the Sport Series the lightest within its category on the market. By the sounds of that, it certainly sounds like the car will be an overall game changer.

Marketing campaign

For more information on the car, McLaren are providing more information on Twitter with the hashtag #BlackSwanMoments. Expect more revelations over the next few weeks.


The vehicle is certainly expected to be a game changer. However with the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes AMG GT, the market within this segment will be extremely competitive.

Just how well can the car do against these fierce rivals?

If you want to get your hands on one, they won’t come cheap. Expect prices to start from around £120,000.