The Mitsubishi Evolution X Final Concept will be the last one 0

a-evo_finalMitsubishi’s new Evolution X Final Concept will sadly be the company’s last ever Evo. Unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan, the car made quite an impression with its extreme power and sensational looks.

Most powerful Evo of all-time

Being the most powerful Evo all of time, the car comes with an unbelievable 466 BHP, developing from its 2.0 litre engine, thanks a newly tuned ECU together with a new turbo engine. That represents an increase of 178 BHP compared to the current model which is based on the five speed GSR. Other noteworthy comparisons between the two cars include a larger intercooler and larger air intake systems.

Amazing features within the concept

The cooling system within is also upgraded with a whole new exhaust being installed too. Perhaps best of all is a new HKS adjustable suspension, allowing the handling and overall drive to be greatly enhanced. Others may argue that the new 19-inch Rays alloys wheels, coming with performance based Yokohama Advan Neova ADo8R tyres is the best upgraded feature.

Stunning looks

Style wise, you get an aggressive looking sports model that maintains Mitsubishi’s traditions. The body comes in both matte and gloss black with detailing of chrome trim. Red stitching detailing will be prominent throughout the seats. The rest of the interior is pretty much what you would expect from a Mitsubishi.

Will the Mitsubishi Evolution X Concept be made into production?

It is unclear whether the car Mitsubishi Evolution X Concept will be released into showrooms eventually. Sources claim that the Japanese company plan to release the car in limited numbers. Other sources suggest the new concept is being used purely as inspiration for performance parts, which may be sold as throughout Japan, the United States and Europe too.

With the way the automotive industry is trending, Mitsubishi have decided to pay more attention to dedicated their efforts to creating more economy based vehicles. More time and investment will go into developing Electric vehicles and Plug-ins, meaning eventually cars such as the Evo will be phased out.

If the car is released in the United States, it will cost $70,000 (£46,000), according to one insider. No doubt there will be plenty of takers for the last ever Mitsubishi Evo, a truly iconic rally-inspired sports car.