The new Audi RS3 Sportback – Faster than ever 1

audi rs3The new 2015 Audi RS3 Sportback is able to hit speed of 174 MPH from its powerful 362 BHP engine. The car will record a time of just 4.3 seconds when racing from 0 – 62 MPH.

A 2.5 litre five cylinder engine will under the bonnet, being carried over from the previous RS3 mode. Power has enhanced by 26 BHP.

When buying the speedy German hatchback an option is available to derestrict the car. This would bring the top speed down to 155 MPH. Either way the car is extremely fast.

Classic mechanical Audi features

The Audi RS3 will come with a Quattro all-wheel drive along with a brand new seven speed S tronic gearbox. Quick shifting will be the gearbox transmission’s speciality, being quicker than ever. The Quattro system cleverly provides extra grip during slippery conditions.

Sports suspension will be included within the car in order to assist with its cornering ability along with enhanced comfort.

Luxury additional items include carbon ceramic brakes, which provide ultimate stopping power. These however will come with a very expensive price tag.

Do RS models even look powerful?

Deceiving looks is perhaps what Audi’s RS models are all about. When being compared to other vehicles on the road, they don’t look to dis-similar in terms of its potential power. Many get the impression that they are not sport models, but just standard hatchbacks.

Differences between this vehicle and the standard A3 Sportback are quite evident. The RS3 will sit 25mm lower, giving the vehicle a lower sense of gravity. Overall, the vehicle will be designed for greater overall driver enjoyment.

The RS3 will come with a set of 19 inch alloy wheels together with aggressive bumpers. The side skirts and oval exhausts enhance the vehicle’s looks a lot more. It certainly looks more aggressive and sporty, but doesn’t look like most cars that are able to produce 350 BHP +.

RS badging and detailing

The RS3 badging is able to be removed on the exterior, helping to disguise the car even more. The interior has plenty of RS detailing to enhance the car further. Badges are placed on items such as the sports seats, steering wheel, gear lever and door sills. The interior will also have a choice of two different colour schemes. Exterior colour choices of the car will be Nardo Grey or Catalunya Red.

If you want one, the Audi RS3 won’t be cheap. Expect the price to be around £40,000 with high maintenance costs too.