The new generation Volkswagen Golf MK8 0

vw_golf8Every time a new Golf is released there is always a big buzz in the automotive industry. The highly popular car will come with some ground-breaking this time round.

Volkswagen has ensured that their best-selling hatchback will be more economical, more powerful and also be a lot more technologically advanced.

Although at present it hasn’t been confirmed that the German company’s technology will be passed on to the Golf, it is what many experts believe will happen.

10 speed DSG gearbox

The best piece of technology has to be the 10 speed DSG gearbox, a world’s first. Economy will be greatly improved with this specific type of gearbox. A speed transmission naturally puts less pressure on the engine, allowing the car to improve its emissions and fuel use. The gearbox reaches a peak torque of 550Nm. It has been rumoured that models such as the GTO, GTD and the R MK8 Golf models.

The company are building on the success of their 7 speed auto, which has had great success in their current range of vehicles.

MQB platform

The car will fit easily into the Volkswagen Group MQB platform, which is within cars throughout the range including the Audi TT, the Volkswagen Passat and many more.

Economical choices

Diesel fans will be pleased to hear that an improved version of the 2.0 litre BiTDI engine will be brought to the new MK8 GTD Golf model. The engine was recently seen in the latest Passat.

Rumours suggest that hybrid versions could be added to small petrol models. The technology is yet to be approved however, but it still remains a possibility.

Electric technology has been approved however, with the e-Golf being added to the range. It is said to have a 25 per cent improvement on its driving range.

Release date in 2017

We should expect to see the new Volkswagen Golf MK8 in 2017, keeping with the five year cycle of the vehicle moving up a generation every five years. The current MK7 model will get a facelift in 2015 however.

The new MK8 Golf will play a vital part in keeping Volkswagen’s status alive as the world’s number one car manufacturer. We believe the car will go on to perform extremely well in the worldwide car market, with VW remaining the world’s number one automaker.