The new Jaguar XE out next May costing £26,995 1

xeThe BMW 3 Series rivaling Jaguar XE will hit showroom next May and will cost £26,995. Orders of the car can be taken now, demo vehicles will be here in April.

Plenty of hype has been created around Jaguar’s latest model. The company estimate that the vehicle could sell up to 100,000 units a year. Clearly the company have placed very high hopes upon the model. The company’s future design plans are based on the XE, meaning it almost has no choice but to succeed.

We first saw the XE at the Paris motor show, with great anticipation building up since after rave reviews.

Technical advancements will be included within the new model. This includes a brand new chassis, materials and body.

There are no dramatic changes with the new model. Instead the new XE has subtly incorporated the company’s new design strategy, which was founded in 2008.

The model will be the lightest saloon ever made by the company. Overall the Jaguar XE is larger than its rival the BMW 3 Series. It is however smaller than the Audi A4.

Engines included

To begin with the car will be powered by five different engines. The most economic engine in the range, a 2.0 litre diesel will return a very respectable 75 MPG along with 99g/km of emissions when offered in manual form. It compares well to the Toyota Prius 1.8 VVT-i Hybrid T4, which emits just 92g/km of C02.

As an automatic the vehicle can offer 71.4 MPG. It is not slow either, offering power of 161 BHP. 0 – 62 MPH in the automatic will take just 8.2 seconds. Using the manual transmission, racing from 0 – 62 MPH is timed at 8.4 seconds.

An extremely powerful 3.0 litre V6 engine, seen in the F-Type sports car will also be one of the options made available.

How the gearbox transmissions are distributed

All diesel models will have a six-speed manual gearbox transmission included. Eight speed transmissions will be made optional. Automatic transmissions are standard with all petrol engine choices. Rear-wheel drive will be made standard. Four wheel drive technology has yet to be confirmed however.

Jaguar Land Rover’s brand new £500 million plant is responsible for designing the new Ingenium engine. Variable exhaust cam timing together with exhaust after-treatment has been implemented upon the engine in order to ensure that it meets Euro 6 emissions standards.

A four-cylinder Ingenium EU6 diesel along with two four cylinder petrol units will be included in the engine line-up.

Can the Jaguar XE reach the expectations that the company have set?