The new Toyota Hybrid R concept 2

Toyota-Hybrid-RThe Toyota Hybrid R has shown in the press before it’s official unveiling at the Frankfurt 2013 motor show.

The idea is to showcase a hybrid that is capable of delivering a wonderful performance. What’s special about this particular hybrid is that it’s not only powerful but also focused on delivering a very fulfilling driving experience. Some may be confused given that the car in question is indeed a Yaris, a car not usually associated with such attributes.

Under the bonnet comes a 1.6 litre petrol engine. This combines with not one but two electric motors which altogether produce a fantastic output of 400 BHP. Those are not official figures but that’s what many experts predict.

The technology used within the car is pretty special. Influenced from the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans car, in comes features such as brake energy regeneration. The energy which is saved is then used to provide extra power to the vehicle. Toyota’s entrant finished in second place in the Le Mans 24 hour race, a testament to how superb the technology is within the vehicle.

That’s not all, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid R concept comes with ECU mapping which is similar to that used on Yamaha motorcycles. It’s one of those special vehicles which can be driven on both the track and road.

Looks wise, the car looks just like a normal Yaris, with a few little extras. It’s lowered, looking sportier and helping the car’s agility too. The alloy wheels have a fabulous design. A sports body kit makes the car look that bit more aggressive and stylish. We can’t see to much as Toyota have just released a teaser.

The general market for Yaris owners probably couldn’t their cars with these type of upgrades. The car certainly wasn’t originally designed for that kind of look and performance.

When the Frankfurt show arrives, the Yaris Hybrid R Concept is sure to be one the headline acts. It will be so fascinating and interesting that it sounds too good to be true, which is why production is unlikely. Toyota will also be unveiling another hybrid at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Many consider them to be one of the front runners when it comes to hybrid technology, with the Prius as one of the best selling vehicles in many parts of the world.