The New York Motor Show 0

new-jeep-cherokee-beachThe 2013 New York Motor Show is just around the corner, officially starting on the 30th. In our article today we’re going to preview some American branded vehicles that are set to be showcased.

Chrysler 200

Carhartt, an American fashion label combined with Chrysler to develop the new 200 model. The saloon type vehicle is based upon the 200 S. Special features include some a newly designed exhaust pipes, making the car look sportier and faster. The spoiler at the rear of the vehicle adds more aggression to the car. The mesh grille fits in wonderfully with the 200’s overall design.
You’ll be able to notice the Carhartt influence within the interior. The design comes with water resistant fabric. These are complimented with black trim rather than chrome trim. The 200 Special Edition will be made available straight after it’s appearance at the New York Motor Show, costing £19,000.

Jeep Cherokee

The new Jeep Cherokee off roader has been launched at the New York motor show. Chrysler’s brand new ‘Compact U.S Wide platform’ will be implemented within the new Jeep Cherokee. This means that both the rear and front suspension will be independent from each other.

Jeep is well known for delivering superb dynamics with their vehicles. The new Cherokee will boast it’s well improved fuel economy as well as a great deal of brand new equipment.

The vehicle will at first be offered with a nine speed automatic gearbox. A great deal of safety technology comes with the vehicle. It’s almost a tradition with the Cherokee that with the new model they release comes some bit of ground-breaking technology, so have high expectations of the New York Motor Show.

Jeep has very high hopes for the vehicle in the SUV segment this year. Two engines will be offered with the new Cherokee.

Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS is pushing for the top spots in the American luxury car market this year. The American based company is hoping to challenge the likes of the BMW 5 Series this year.

So how does the vehicle compare to the BMW 5 Series? Firstly it weighs less than the 528i, making it more agile. It is longer too, meaning it has more space.

The car will be a rear drive powered vehicle. It will go on sale in the United States later this year with it moving to the European region at some point in 2014.