The Nissan Invitation at Geneva Motor show 0

Nissan showcased their Invitation model at the 82nd annual Geneva Motor Show. The news is sure to be closely followed by Nissan staff at the Sunderland plant as they will be producing this car in the near future.

Sitting between the Juke and the Micra

As with every car that was on display at the motor show, the Invitation looks great. It is a compact hatchback with plenty to offer. Fans at the Geneva Motor Show only got to see a concept but the car is guaranteed to be produced. It is expected to sit between the likes of the Nissan Micra and the Nissan Juke Compact vehicle.

Will the invitation arrive in North America?

There have been some rumours around the automotive industry that Nissan may decide to release the car in North America. Currently there is no compact hatchback vehicle offered by the Japanese company across the Atlantic. These rumours have not been officially confirmed by Nissan themselves.

Plenty of character

The car seems to be inspired by the Nissan Leaf, containing the same front end design in relation to the headlights and front grille.  The car does have a lot of character with large features such the long panoramic looking windshield, the exciting alloy wheels and lengthy looking doors. By looking at the Nissan Invitation, it is easy to see what the next generation of Nissan cars will be designed like.

Inside the cabin

Inside the car there are some quite unique features too. This includes a dominant and shapely centre console. Upon it comes two huge air vents and oversized climate control knob. They do combine well to make a great design that is quite easy on the eye.

Around View Monitor

This concept Nissan Invitation at the Geneva Motor Show came with an Around View Monitor. This features four cameras within placed on each end of the car along with the side mirrors.

Fun to drive… according to Nissan themselves

As you would expect them to say, the car is very fun to drive and contains a great amount of agility – as said by Nissan themselves. There have been no test drives yet but expect some to come very soon as the vehicle nears production next year.

Nissan clearly have confidence in the European car market along with BMW, MINI and Jaguar Land Rover who have all invested hundreds of millions at their UK sites.