The Top 5 F1 drivers of all time, do you agree? 0

f1-carThe new F1 season is fast approaching. In preparation we have put together a list of the top 5 F1 drivers of all time. Will the current crop match up to any listed below?

5. Jim Clark

Jim Clark was the most dominate driver throughout the sixties. He won 2 WDC’s and became the first driver in history to win the Indy 500 and the F1 WDC.  Jim Clark’s career was cut short as in formula 2 race at the Hockenheimring he crashed into the forest breaking his neck. Many drivers said his crash was caused by a fault in the rear of the car and not driver error. To this day the reason is unknown but his death was a tragic loss to the sport.

4. Alain Prost

Alain Prost, one of the most controversial drivers of all time, he is mainly remembered for his in house disputes with Nelson Piquet, Rene Arnoux and most notable Ayrton Senna but Beyond the controversy there was driver who was above everyone else in terms of intelligence. He was known as the Professor as he was cunning with numbers and tactically won many races with his strategies. The Calm and Calculated Alain Prost won 4 WDC’s in his long time in F1 what extended over a period of 12 years.

3. Juan Manuel Fangio

Juan Manuel Fangio, the Argentinean who was the first driver to dominate F1. He took 5 titles in his time in F1 and he could have had more but he started F1 at the tender age of 39.  He was a part of the first generation of drivers that contained legends like Farina, Moss and Alberto Ascari. Fangio took an odd route into formula, he was a cab driver in Buenos Ares until he was spotted by an owner of a racing team and he was impressed with his car control and the natural feel of his driving ability. He then took to the track and blew everyone away even though he was very old compared to the other driver he was given the chance to enter Formula 1 and from there had the most successful career of any driver statistically.

2. Michael Schumacher

The young German joined F1 with the Jordan team and shined like a star in an under powered car. He then later moved to Benetton where he won first world title in a very controversial manor. At the last race of the Australian GP Schumacher crashed into Damon hill to defend his position what lead to both driver retiring from the race and giving Schumacher his first world championship. Schumacher then moved to Ferrari where he had full control over the team and built a car around him what then lead to complete and utter domination. It took a few years to get the car where he wanted it but with people like Jean Todd and Ross Brawn by his side it became a team that were unbeatable coming into the new millennium. He then retired at the end at the peak of his career in 2006 but regretted it 4 years later and rejoined the sport. He was heavily criticised for coming back to the sport as people felt he was to old for the sport what now consists of young, fresh and fit drivers. Schumacher raced 3 seasons in F1 comeback and really struggled with the car provided. He managed to get on the podium for the 2012 European GP and it was a very popular 3rd place seeing the German back on the rostrum.

1.  Ayrton Senna

The late Ayrton Senna, the man was indescribable in a car.  Watching him drive an F1 car was very special, the way he drove was unlike any other driver, it was almost like the car was always twitching and dancing. He use to push the car beyond the limit and have the control and feel to dictate the car to not spin out. Senna won 3 WDC’s in his time in F1 and he also drove for 4 different teams. He started in the Toleman making his debut at his home race in Brazil but he took the sport by storm at a track he made his second home over his career, Monaco. Ayrton took a car what was fighting to not finish last in the dry and took it to the front of the grid in the wet. He was catching a gaining on Alain Prost who at the time was in first but before Senna could get close enough to him.  The race was then red flagged and many people said the rookie would have overtaken the 4 time champion Alain Prost. He was then given the chance to drive a slightly more competitive car what was the lotus. He then won his first race at Estoril in mixed weather conditions. After his spell at Lotus he then made the step up into a competitive McLaren team where he was able to show his dominance and win his 3 WDC’s. Senna then became a fan favourite for his elaborated driving style and general passion and mindset for the sport. Many disliked Senna and criticised his brutal aggressive nature on track and felt he was very over the top with his race craft. In 1994 Ayrton moved to the Williams team and his life was cut short at the San Marino GP. Senna was coming into the high speed Tamberello corner and then a fault in the car made the car and steerable and lead him to crash at a very high speed into the barriers. The fatal accident broke the hearts of every race fan as the man was the greatest human being to grace a motor vehicle without a doubt. His accident changed motor sport for the good, now in our current times F1 has been improved in terms of safety and there has not been a fatality since.