The Toyota Prius pricing plan announced for America 0

We have an interesting report to share with the news of Toyota announcing their prices for the new Prius.

Still No.1 but not as powerful as it used to be

Many are paying great attention to the news as the Toyota Prius is no longer the dominant force it once was. The car now has some great and worthy competition ready to knock it off its pedestal. Saying that the car’s rivals have a long way to go before they are able to beat the most successful green vehicle in history of the automotive industry. The car is one of the reasons as to why Toyota is the world’s number one car producer.

Improvements on the exterior

In order to keep the vehicle at the very top, there have been a host of improvements as expected. These include brand new 15 LED Daytime running lights otherwise known as DRL which are able to be turned on or off. The tail lamps and the front of the car also have a slightly modified design.

Improvements on the interior

The interior of the car has also been greatly improved with the hope that customers will not be swayed by rivals. Inside comes a 6.1 inch Display Audio system with USB and iPod connectivity ability. Bluetooth connectivity along with phonebook access also comes in as standard along with music streaming ability.

Will the pricing of the car affect its sales? The prices have been bumped up slightly and some may not choose to purchase the car because of those reasons. However it can said that the Toyota Prius’ reputation will help sales of the car increase.

Prices for the new Toyota Prius

  • 2011 Prius One (fleet companies only), Five-door Liftback – $22,120
  • 2012 Prius One (fleet companies only), Five-door Liftback – $23,015
  • 2011 Prius Two Five-door Liftback – $23,520
  • 2012 Prius Two Five-door Liftback – $24,000
  • 2011 Prius Three, Five-door Liftback – $24,520
  • 2012 Prius Three, Five-door Liftback – $25,565
  • 2011 Prius Four, Five-door Liftback – $27,320
  • 2012 Prius Four, Five-door Liftback – $28,235
  • 2011 Prius Five, Five-door Liftback – $28,790
  • 2011 Prius Five, Five-door Liftback – $29,805

The pricing plan for the Prius v, the Prius Plug in Hybrid as well the Prius c have not been announced yet.