The Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam 0

Vauxhall adam grandslamThe Vauxhall Adam Grand Slam is the sporty type model that we’ve been craving for a long time. The new updates make it much more credible on the car market, with rivals undoubtedly forced to pay more attention.

Vauxhall‘s new sport supermini will come at price, with it costing £16,995. Is it worth it? With the highly popular Ford ST costing just £400 more, the Grand Slam be a success on the UK market.

Named the ‘Grand Slam’ in the UK and the ‘Adam S’ throughout Europe

The supermini’s name badge is perhaps just as striking as the car’s design, with the term ‘Grand Slam’ not usually being associated with cars. Originally the car was given the name ‘Adam S’, when it was in concept form at the Geneva Motor Show last April. The whole European market will have the ‘Adam S’ badge, with only the UK using the ‘Grand Slam’ badge. With the Corsa already adopting the ‘S’ badge for the entry level model, Vauxhall didn’t want anyone to be confused as to how their new pocket-rocket was perceived. Oddly, the ‘Adam-S’ badge will appear on the car’s c-pillar.

Brilliant performance and economical too

Enough about the car’s name, the car’s racing profile which we saw at the Geneva show doesn’t appear to have been touched. The adamDriveawesome sport supermini comes with a 1.4 litre petrol engine, which comes with an additional turbocharger. It will be able to push out a maximum of 148 BHP and torque of 220Nm. Racing from 0-62 MPH, the car hits a respectable time of 8.2 seconds. Considering the car type, those are admirable figures. Maximum torque is achieved at low revs, but reaching the red line requires little effort.

The car isn’t just all about performance however. Economy figures are highly desirable too, with the car managing 57.6 MPG and emitting just 137g/km of C02.

The Grand Slam’s smooth manual gearbox has been highly praised by many. That differentiates greatly from other Adam models, with them being less precise and a lot more stiff. Pedals remain the same as the rest of the Adam models, with them being close together and fairly cramp.

Technology has been adopted from Vauxhall’s highly successful VXR, with the car’s braking system being installed within their new Grand Slam model. While that may sound good, critics have said that it actually gives the car more of a harsh ride. With the Corsa VXR being considerably more powerful, the car’s braking system doesn’t suit the Grand Slam model.