The Volvo S90 0

Whatever people’s preconceptions of Volvo may be, they certainly have changed for the better over the past few years. The Swedish company are attempting to move into the luxury company and they are/have done so at an alarming rate. The crossover SUV XC90 is a massive hit and we now expect the S90 sedan to be an even bigger hit.


The S90 will try to compete with the likes of BMW’s 5 Series and Mercedes’ E Class, so that will be no easy job. But, the S90 does have the whole package; it looks beautiful, the interior is stunning and the technology featured is unparalleled.

The design of the vehicle takes its own new shape of which Volvo’s closest rivals in Audi, BMW and Mercedes just haven’t attempted. The vehicle has adopted a chiselled body, a new grille and some aggressive yet classy fibre-optic headlights. The vehicle screams sedan, but it does this in a style which is very Aston Martin-esque. The cabin has also undergone a huge change by utilising simplicity and luxury. Gone are the days of cheap looking materials; as leather, wood and metal now make up the interior. Central to the new interior is a new infotainment system which has taken both design and functionality from modern tablets. Controls have been replaced by touch and simplicity enhanced via a large home button similar to the iPads.

Although there is little information on the technical statistics, it has been rumoured that the new S90 will be a good performer. Not as good as the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes, but it will definitely be able to hold its own.

On the other hand, the driving assist technology will separate it from all other vehicles on the market. With autonomous driving in up to speeds of 80mph, the S90 unlike Tesla’s models, will recognise lanes without markers and will not need traffic ahead in order to navigate. Volvo has even gone so far as to introduce an animal detection system which will automatically brake if a large animal enters the road.

Volvo will most certainly accomplish, or at least get close to their 2020 target. Safety is of course a priority and Volvo certainly have focused upon it…

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