Top 5 Road Trips in The World 2

raod trip

Going on a road trip can enable you to see parts of a country that you never planned to visit, while also providing you with the chance to see some of the world’s most beautiful destinations; you may have always wanted to go on a coast to coast trip across the USA, or a tour through some of the most stunning parts of Europe. Below are what we consider to be arguably the top 5 road trips in the world.

1 – Route 66

This classic American journey runs from Chicago to Los Angeles, and covers about 2,200 miles. The appeal of this highway comes down to its flat and open route, as well as its simplicity – just get on the highway and take yourself through states like Texas, New Mexico, and Missouri on your way to California. Expect to spend about £150 on petrol (or “gas” in American) during the course of a trip, depending on what sort of car you drive.

2 – The Basque Circuit

A route that takes you through the northern part of Spain, the Basque circuit is particularly recommended if you want to experience a wide variety of different landscapes. The circuit takes you through the Pyrenees mountains, as well as through the Bay of Biscaye, and incorporates stays in Bilbao and Pamplona – time your trip right and you can be there for the running of the bulls in July. Other destinations along the way include Biarritz, San Sebastian, and the Roncesvalles Pass.

3 – Amalfi Coast

When visiting Italy, it’s worth considering the appeal of taking a road trip along the Amalfi Coast. Part of the Sorrento Peninsula, you can drive along the coast to the Bay of Naples, with Salerno a good place to start. Along the way, you can take in beautiful towns and cities like Amalfi, Ravello, and Positano. Notable sights along the way include the Duomo di Sant’Andrea, while you can stop off along the way to enjoy a stay in a coastal villa.

4 – Dalton Highway

If you want to get off the beaten track a bit, then the Dalton Highway in Alaska could be the right choice for you. The Highway stretches across 414 miles between Livengood and Prudhouse Bay, and incorporates forest and tundra scenery, as well as the Yukon River. Fairbanks represents a good place to load up during a trip, while you can also stop off in oil company towns like Coldfoot if you need a break from the road.

5 – The Flower Route

One of the most picturesque routes in Europe, the Flower Route in the Netherlands allows you to drive through the western part of the country to see its flower fields. With tulips one of the main attractions, the Flower Route can enable you to see the Netherlands at its best in April and May. Other sights along the way include the Frans Hais Museum, as well as shops and villages that have built their identities around the flower industry.

Whether cruising down a highway in a fully kitted out Cooper BMW, or driving in a car that’s just about holding together, make sure you have ticked of car servicing from your list to ensure you have a trouble-free road trip.

Do you have a wonderful road trip experience to share from your ventures? Let us know if you think another destination should be added to the list.