Toyota aim to sell 1 million hybrid cars every year 0

Toyota is the world leaders when it comes to hybrid cars. Their hybrid Prius model is world renowned and is a top seller everywhere, beating off all competition.

It is perhaps for this reason that Toyota have decided to steer clear of full electric vehicles, as they are so strong within the hybrid field. They are so confident of their abilities that they have set a massive target of selling over 1 million hybrid cars every year consistently by the end of 2015. By that time they will have 21 hybrid models available on the worldwide market. Some of those will be brand new models and new generations of current models.

A brand new Toyota Corolla hybrid is set to be added to that line-up with 7 models set to be re-built. Lexus, the luxury division of the Japanese car giant are set to include hybrid options on most models in the line-up future. One of the new models is the eQ electric car. We unfortunately will not see it in showrooms in the UK but the car will be released in Japan and the United States, in December or next year.

The Toyota eQ is the first electric vehicle from the company. It is based around the iQ, a tiny city car which is quite popular here in the UK. It will be priced at $46,000, keeping up concerns that electric cars are too expensive. How well will the car sell considering it’s an extremely expensive model? Toyota believes they can sell 100 per year in both countries. That is a relatively small amount. Toyota had stated around two years ago that they hoped that figure would be higher. Vice Chairman, Takeshi Uchiyamada has stated that things have become “difficult”.There has been a lack of progress when it comes to developing battery technology. Charging it is still taking a fairly long time.

Already in 2012, Toyota has said sales of their hybrid vehicles should beat the 1 million mark for the first time. They are looking to the future and planning to keep sales at that level for a consistent number of years.

Toyota is not stopping there. They are developing Fuel Cell Vehicles which generation electricity from hydrogen and oxygen. When these particular vehicles are ready, they will be sold in established cars market such as Japan, the United States and the UK.