Toyota Fun-Vii 0

The Toyota Fun-Vii concept car was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier this year and captured a lot of people’s attention. It’s quite easy to see why.

Touch screen panels

It is one of the most unique concepts ever created, the Fun-Vii, which stands for vehicle interactive internet can instantly change it’s appearance. The car’s exterior body is made of touch screen panels so the car’s display and image can change however they want too.

The unique vehicle can also contact the Toyota’s dealership for a check up. Have you ever heard of a car that greets you when you enter? This one does with a message appearing on the door as owners enter.

The idea of the concept car is to bring about a vehicle that is wholly digitally customisable. The cabin can also be customised.

Representing your character

At present, it can be said that motorists represent their character through customisations of their car. Spoilers, huge alloys wheels, aggressive exhaust pipes, remapped engines e.t.c. The Toyota Fun Vii is a whole new way of representing your character.

Literally everything is able to changed and customised on the car. The colour, the theme, messages and more.

Windshield service

The windshield contains information about restaurants, hotels and more in the area. An intelligent satellite navigation system is installed so directions are available on tap. This online service is also available on the smart phones.

Akio Toyoda very unlikely to developed

Akio Toyoda the Toyota President said the car is not feasible to made yet.  “We imagined using a flexible screen on the body sides, but we can’t make it at the moment, we have no realistic idea about how it could be done.”

Imagine if the Toyota Fun-Vii was released? We don’t realistically see the car ever being made. How can a car made of touch screen panels drive about? Would the car’s exterior be adequately protected?

There’s no doubt that it would provide a bundle of fun and be bring about a whole new type of driving experience. Some have described it as the Smartphone version of a car. In many respects they could be right.