Toyota Mirai hydrogen car unexpectedly hitting sales records 1

mirariThe Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car has been selling fantastically well in it’s home country of Japan. Already 1,500 orders have been taken in Japan in the first month of sales.

Amazingly, production of the vehicle is expected to be tripled in 2016. The announcement comes as the hydrogen vehicle has been the surprisingly popular has performing much better than expected, with original forecasts being tripled. This year 700 models are being built. That number will be 2,000 by 2016, with a staggering 3,000 planned for 2017. Originally just 400 models were planned for production in 2015.

The Mirari facing strong competition

Orders for the car originally started in Japan at the end of last year. The better than expected results seems due to the ever-increasing popularity of fuel-cell technology, with the Hyundai ix35 Hydrogen managing to also secure a fantastic order number of 1,500 in its first month. One of the main reasons for an increase in production is due to manufacturing delays. Many customers will have their Mirari delivered later than expected.

Toyota have stated that 60% of orders for the new Mirari vehicle has come from the Japanese Government and private fleet customers. The other 40% have come from private owners.

The Mirari hitting the UK and Europe later in the year

For us lot here in Europe, we can expect to see the car later in the year. September is the month touted by Toyota here in the UK.  The UK Government is keen on the idea of alternative fuel and more efficient type vehicles, injecting £11 million into hydrogen fuelling infrastructure. This will give the Toyota Mirari a better foundation to succeed here in the country.

Hydrogen cars – a game changerToyota-Fuel-Cell-Vehicle

Being a completely new type of vehicle, the hydrogen cars will naturally become an instant game-changer, adding a whole new dimension into the car market. The Toyota Mirari brings the future here today. Hydrogen fuel-cell technology is a highly significant addition to the automotive market. Superbly the car is able to seat five passengers in comfort, an advantage which isn’t typically available within electric vehicles. Offering a lengthy driving range when compared to electric cars, the vehicle may sway those who were originally unsure of purchasing electric vehicles.