Toyota opens new plant in America 0

Toyota has opened a new factory in Mississippi, America on Thursday the 17th of November.

The assembly plant will have a yearly capacity of 150,000 cars. Altogether, Toyota now has 14 manufacturing facilities in the USA.


Toyota USA are clearly making great progress in terms of gaining a strong foothold in the world’s second largest automotive market. Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s president, said that localising business to where the company’s cars are sold is naturally better for business.  He said

“Building vehicles where we sell them helps us be even closer to our customers,”

“The US market remains a key to Toyota’s overall success, and Toyota Mississippi will play an important role for us here.”

New home of the Toyota Corolla

The plant cost $800 million and will also employ nearly 2,000 people. The factory is expected to build the Toyota Corolla, which is a very responsible task indeed. It is the companies and the world’s number one best-selling car ever.

Haley Babour, Governor of Mississippi

When factories such as these are built it naturally raises the cities profile and prospects. The Governor of Mississippi, Haley Babour, said “Today is a great day for Blue Springs and the entire state of Mississippi, Toyota chose Mississippi for its dedicated, talented workforce, and I know they will enjoy great success at their newest facility.”

Phil Bryant, candidate for Governor

Phil Bryant, who is currently the favourite to be the next Governor of Mississippi, put the reasoning down to great work ethic of people in the City.

“It’s a phenomenon that companies are moving to the South because of that work ethic, because of the family structure,”

“If you look at Detroit and other areas, and when you quietly talk to companies, they will tell you that collective bargaining is difficult for them.

“The union rules and regulations that are so strict now are really driving those companies out of those old union-based work areas and into right-to-work states like Mississippi.”

Toyota America

Toyota America is a major part of Toyota’s operations. They are one of few foreign manufacturers who have managed to become a major household name in the country. They sold an incredible 2 million vehicles last year at 1,800 main dealers across the country.

The American division of the company employs 35,000 people. A staggering $23 billion is said to be invested, which is a testament to how much dedication the company is putting into the USA. The investment includes sections such as sales, research and development, financial services, design and manufacturing operations. $25 billion annually is spent is on purchasing supplies in the country alone. Since the company started off in America in 1957, it has clearly come a long way.

We hope that Toyota USA continues to thrive as operations in Japan are coming across too many obstacles.

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