Volkswagen Golf Series 7 Review 1

Volkswagen Golf Series 7

The classic body shape, embellished by a parentage logo on the boot and bonnet has become a signature for good design and reliability. This is a car that is admired throughout the world and is often seen as the benchmark for the competition to emulate. The Volkswagen Golf mark 7 is lighter, quieter and more efficient than previous models, and is an excellent all rounder, with a high quality feel throughout. So it’s no surprise that What Car reviews like many others, sees it as “The best Golf yet”

Golf History

The original Golf was launched in 1974 and had a radically different design. The water cooled rear engine design of the Beetle (the car it replaced) was moved to the front of the car and with front wheel drive and met with worldwide acclaim. Every one of its seven generations has brought an award as runner up in Car of the Year. The Golf mark 6 became winning car of the year in 2009 and bettered only by the Golf Mark 7 that won European Car of the Year and World car of the year in 2013. Thackham the motor insurance repair and research centre in Berkshire awarded Volkswagen for the third year running for selling the most secure cars and presented them with the top award for best car vehicle security in 2012.


Its competitors would be the Hyundai 1.3 which undoubtedly has the trim appeal and the Ford Focus and its many extras, but Volkswagen offers the motorist the Golf hatchback in a choice of 5 different engines, 2 diesel and 3 petrol in a range of engine sizes from 1.2 to 2 ltrs. An excellent and reliable family car against which similar size cars are judged, enjoyable to drive, reviews indicate that the steering on the Golf 7 has been noticeably improved, and road noise measurably reduced, which along with the new engine puts it in contention with cars in a higher class. The exterior design on lesser models is only marginally different from the Mark 6, the focus for this new generation seems to have been placed firmly on performance. Still more comfortable than many of its rival’s critics say the lesser versions critics i.e. 1.2 petrol and 1.6 diesels seems to have a less sophisticated rear suspension (

The standard equipment in the car is generous and includes Bluetooth and touch screen and there is a range of optional extras that make a Volkswagen Golf 7 as individual as the driver. The seats lie flat to give 380 litres of luggage space and 3 different trims are available. This is a car that clearly appeals to a wide range of drivers and despite a changing market, remains popular as it has grown and matured over the years.

The VW Golf has evolved over a period of 40 years and with seven updates into a mid range car that is held in the current list of the 10 most popular with the Golf SE considered by most to offer the best balance between equipment and affordability Fitted with adaptive cruise control, a city Emergency Breaking system and smarter interior it is top of its range. Who looking for a small car would not want the Classic lines of Volkswagen Golf with its money saving technology sitting on their drive, being the envy of all the neighbours? It is definitely worth a test drive or checking out some VW Golf Lease deals to evaluate yourself whether this new addition to the Volkswagen family deserves all the attention.