Who exactly are Acura? 0

Acura are apparently suffering an identity crisis, according to a number of reports. Where do they fit? Are they a high quality passenger vehicle brand like Ford? Or a luxury brand like what Lexus is to Toyota?

They made a successful appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Show. But what sort of marketing campaign are they currently utilising? How are they selling their vehicles?

The Honda RLX is the flagship vehicle of the brand. Is it supposed to rival BMW’s or act a more luxurious version of typical Honda’s? Well that has proven to be successful so far over the years since Acura was launched. The brand originally came out as just a more expensive version of a Honda, not as a luxury vehicle. Back in 2005 Acura sales managed to hit 210,000, a peak figure for the company to this day. Ever since, Acura have been trying to branch out into the luxury division but the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus have made it near impossible for them to do so. The luxury car competition throughout the world is extremely fierce, especially in the Los Angles and the rest of the United States.

That’s their major problem; they need to find way into the luxury domain rather than being just a more expensive version a Honda. They’ll be able to see their competition directly in front of them at the Los Angles Motor Show. Audi have four new models being exhibited. They all contain quality technology with efficient and powerful engines.

BMW, the world’s biggest car maker, are also making an appearance with two brand new concepts. Looking to the future, one model is an electric car and the other is a plug-in hybrid. Jaguar and Land Rover were recently taken over by Indian car maker Tata Motors, are also at the high profile event with the latest Range Rover. Acura will surely wonder what they have let themselves in for.

Across the whole event, 1 million people are expected to attend the Los Angeles Convention Center. It’s not only Acura feeling the pressure, it’s plenty of other car brands too who are hoping to enhance their reputation.

Perhaps there is more pressure on the Acura RLX. The brand is hoping that the vehicle defines a brand new era for the company.