Another twist in the Saab saga – Volvo places a bid 0

AB Volvo has submitted a bid for fallen car manufacturer Saab. It what seems to be a never ending story, the Swedish automaker may be bought out by their Swedish counterparts.

Automotive sources are rife with speculation that the bid has been officially confirmed. It would make sense as Volvo had previously spoken of their interest about acquiring the company.

According to previous reports, there are 7 or 8 European situated companies who have made a bid for Saab. One of which was BMW, which caused shock throughout the automotive industry.

Were BMW one of the mystery bidders for Saab?

Why would BMW want to acquire Saab? Many have asked that question. BMW are a premium luxury brand. Saab were in-between that of being a luxury brand and a standard car maker. Would they fit into BMW’s plans?

This has not been officially confirmed that BMW are one of the automakers who have a bid. However it has been confirmed that the automaker in question was based in Munich. All signs pointed towards that of BMW.

What can BMW do for Saab?

Fans of Saab wouldn’t complain if the German company were to win the rights to Saab. They have revived MINI and made them a success and are the world’s largest luxury automotive producer. Surely they have all the ingredients to get Saab back up and running again?

Saab will not go the highest bidder only

Interestingly the highest bidder will not be the overall winner and will not acquire Saab. The Swedish giants will look at many different angles before deciding which offer suits the company best. They want to consider measures such as which party is ready to continue the production of Saab vehicles and bring back prosperity to the company like they had back in the 1990’s. Is that possible?

Is Volvo looking out for their own interests only?

If that is the case, then Volvo’s bid could be doomed. They are mainly interested in securing some of Saab’s equipment and production facilities in order to benefit their own brand. Whereas this makes complete sense for Volvo, as they are based Sweden like Saab are, it would not be the best solution for employees, creditors and the future of Saab.

These reports are at their very earliest stages at present. We will report more on the matter in the near future.