Are the Newer Cars Easier to Steal? 0

The 80s and early 90s were an era where cars were extremely easy to steal. A coat hanger down the window is a staple that we have all seen in movies throughout the years. But, towards the end of the 90’s and the 2000s, this quickly changed as locks became harder to bypass. Car theft actually decreased rapidly up until the keyless cars were manufactured. For example, in 2002 there were 318,000 reported car thefts and in 2013 there were 77,500. So how does the keyless car affect these statistics? With the new keyless systems, it seems as if having the luxury of a keyless car is in fact a curse.

Are the Newer Cars Easier to Steal

According to a survey undertaken by ADAC (a German automobile club), breaking in to a keyless car can effortlessly be done with an ‘easily built’ device bought of the internet for less than £20. The automobile club, which is the biggest automobile club in Europe, tested this theory on 24 different cars by 19 different manufacturers. The results confirmed that no one car or manufacturer is safe from being stolen, the doors can be opened and the engine can be started wirelessly if the thief has an electronic copy or ‘hacked’ version of the original ‘key’. All a thief needs to do is get a copy of the original which can be done in a variety of ways very very quickly.

The whole process can be accomplished in a matter of seconds and furthermore, can be disguised very easily. The thief if the data is detected only has to walk up to the car and can then drive away, straight away. The result of the study has led ADAC to announce that ‘Owners of cars with keyless locking systems should exercise increased vigilance in the storage of the key.’ Also, in 2014 up to 17 cars a day in London fell victim to keyless theft. The figures have only increased with the criminals keeping up with the manufactures attempts to make the cars more secure. At multiple points, some insurance companies have even refused to insure some London based keyless car owners.

Obviously the technology for keyless cars is getting better all the time. However, thieves are still winning the war. So, we ask you if it is worth getting a keyless car when you could be at such risk from theft?