Are We One Step Closer to Knowing if Apple Is Manufacturing a Car? 0

Until Apple officially confirms their role in autonomous development, we won’t know for sure. Cook is no newbie to reporters and the media, so when we find out it’ll be because Apple wants us to know. These are the last few words of a previous Servicing Stop article, so since October, are we closer to knowing if apple is actually creating the iCar?

Are-We-One-Step-Closer-to-Knowing-if-Apple-Is-Manufacturing-a-CarThere is a lot of exciting news surrounding Apple and the theory surrounding the creation of a car. According to many, Apple is getting closer and closer to this reality. Nicked named ‘Project Titan’, the concept is believed to be either a purely Hi-Tech electric car which could have the possibility to challenge the likes of Tesla. On the other hand, many believe that the car could actually be autonomous and therefore rival the likes of Google.

So what do we know, or think we know about ‘Project Titan’?

Well there have been multiple reports of different activities occurring around this subject. For example, Apple Vice-President Steve Zadesky, formally of Ford, is in charge of the project. This is huge news. Having a former engineer of one of the biggest automotive companies in the world heading up a car project does make it extremely interesting. However, it has been rumoured that Zadesky is leaving the company in the imminent future.

News surrounding workers is also exceptionally fascinating. This news can be split into two equal camps. Firstly, it has been rumoured that Apple has been feeding more and more workers into the project. Apparently starting with around 600 employees, this project has now doubled in worker size. Does this mean that as the project gets closer, more workers are needed to finalise it? The second ‘worker news’ is based upon a Business Insider source who claims that many Tesla and Samsung employees are ‘jumping ship’ to join Apple. For the Tesla employees, would this be to join in on projects such as the iPhone or iPad. You can decide that one.

Steve Jobs also considered the concept of an Apple developed car back in 2008. Although this was a long time ago, Jobs’ vision for Apple still is seen today. Former Apple executive Tony Fadell in an interview also mentioned that he used to talk hypothetical concepts about an Apple car with Jobs. This however does not have any footing when considering if an iCar is an actual possibility but, it is worth considering in the grand scheme of Jobs’ vision for Apple’s future. It was Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial vision alongside his business savvy has made Apple Inc the company we now know. Surely, Jobs had the foresight to see where the automotive industry was heading so it therefore seems like too much of a coincidence for Apple to be developing a car when the electric/autonomous car industry is starting to gather ground. These two points aren’t solid facts but, it is food for thought.

Lastly, it is worth considering that Tim Cook, Apple Inc CEO and multiple Apple executives visited a BMW factory in Leipzig, Germany in order to view how the i3 electric car is manufactured.

All this information is, as already stated, exciting for both Apple lovers and the automotive industry. It must be mentioned that the points in this article are just small pieces of a puzzle which, may never fit together. Apple is an extremely secretive company and any real solid information is rare to find, it is information we wish to have but will inevitably never get. But, on a leaving note, here is a quote from Tim Cook and it is up to you to decide if it about an iCar or not; ‘Do you remember when you were a kid, and Christmas Eve it was so exciting, you weren’t sure what was going to be downstairs? Well, it’s going to be Christmas Eve for a while’.