Autonomous Emergency Braking to Become Mandatory in U.S. by 2022 0

The Autonomous Emergency Breaking System (AEB) is an automatic breaking system. By using cameras, sensors and lasers, the AEB is able to detect and the automatically applies the breaks when there might be a danger. As far as recent automotive technology goes, this has been a beneficial break through. The AEB alerts the driver before automatically stopping so therefore it allows for the driver to break prior to the autonomous breaking. It is a technology that only seems to eradicate human error without the driver losing any controls of the vehicle at all, like the name suggests its use comes only in the condition of an emergency.


So, with having this technology on the scene for a few years now, why has it suddenly risen in the car world again? Well, as the title tells us, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system is to become mandatory in the United States by 1st September 2022 as announced by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The U.S., it is worth noting, is bringing the AEB regulation in gradually in accordance to vehicular weight. The smaller cars with a weight of up to 3855kg (which is a lot of weight considering a Ford Transit weighs around 2500kg) will have standardised AEB’s by 2022 and larger vehicles ranging from 3855kg to 4536kg have the AEB’s in 2025. It might not seem like the greatest news in the car industry but, it will make massive differences in regards to cost, manufacturing and also in road safety. It has been argued that in the build up to this regulation AEB’s alone will prevent 28,000 crashes and 12,000 injuries. This figure may seem small in comparison to the amount of vehicles and the population of America but, the system alone, after a driver has failed to prevent braking, is a significant figure in reality.

So what do the manufactures make of this decision? Are they for or against it?

The answer is FOR!! In fact, 20 manufacturers have agreed voluntarily to add AEB to their vehicles by 2022. With this decision, it will not be surprising if we will see the AEB in cars as standard before this date. Even with these 20 manufactures voluntarily signed up already, they contribute to 99% of cars sold in the U.S.