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Servicing Stop is carrying out a survey to understand how car owners feel about service history. The survey is easy to follow and contains only three questions.

Are you likely to buy a car with no service history?

Motorists looking to purchase a second hand car sometimes consider the service history as a major factor when pondering whether to purchase the vehicle or not. Quality car servicing history is extremely important attribute of a prospective new car. It represents just how well a car has taken of by it’s owner.

Are you likely to buy a car with no service history?

A car service maintains the vehicle’s most important areas. Regular oil changes help to preserve the state of the engine. This will help the engine’s effectiveness in terms of economy and performance and also it’s health.

The aspect of car safety is well monitored during a car service. Components such as tyres, brakes and the vehicle’s suspension are inspected. All essential fluids are checked to see whether they are at the correct levels.

Car service history helps the owner and future owners to save money too. Each of these components are linked to hundreds of other different parts around the car. If one goes wrong then this could affect all others, leading to higher repair bills. The economy of the car is at it’s optimum when car servicing has been carried out properly, meaning lower fuel bills.

If yes, by what price reduction would you expect when buying a car with no service history?

When a car does not necessarily have any service history then you can expect a major reduction. As mentioned above car servicing is an indispensable activity to maintain the value of a vehicle. Owners should genuinely expect a price that is a lot less.

Does it matter if the service history is from the main dealer versus a reputable garage?

Since the European Block Exemption 2003, independent garages are able to carry out a car service without the vehicle’s warranty being affected. Motorists are now no longer forced to visit the main dealer. Servicing Stop’s independent garages have the latest equipment offering the highest quality dealer approved brand new parts.

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