Citroen DS set for major improvements 0

The Citroen DS division is set to expand.

One more model than originally planned will be added, with Citroen hoping to heavily increase sales figures with the DS sector.

New DS sports car on it’s way?

Rather than producing just the anticipated DS3, DS4 and the DS5 a sports car has been sounded out to be added to the line-up. The Citroen Survolt concept may inspire the look of the car according to some sources.

The Citroen CS5

Before that the Citroen DS5 will arrive. The concept is said to ready for the Geneva Motor Show in March. Many are looking forward to catching a first glimpse as to what style vehicle will adopt and how much power and what type performance it will offer. The fact that a company official suggested that the difference between the DS3 and the DS4 is far less than the difference between the DS4 and the DS5 adds to the great anticipation of the car being released.

The car will contain five seats and will be revamped in a significant way according to Citroen. The amazing looking Hypnos concept is said to inspire the DS5, which will please many fans. It will certainly stand out in a crowd and catch plenty of attention. The power driving the vehicle makes for exciting reading too, with a 2.0 litre 200 BHP engine under the bonnet. Although it has the attributes to be described as a sports car, it will be classed as a luxury type of grand tourer.

The Citroen DS3

The originally planned DS3 is set to receive more variants. Sales of it were double than what the French company originally expected within the car’s first year of release. There could be a soft-top version if rumours are to be believed. Unique special editions that are mixed in with fashion brands could be another version that is due for release. Wouldn’t that be interesting? Could we see a Prada Citroen DS3 in the future?

It has been confirmed the Citroen DS section will not be independent from the business. This was said to be a worthy consideration following the success of the DS3 but the branch off is certain not happen.

Will the Citroen DS line-up be a success within the UK?  Will there be a high demand?

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