DIY servicing – why it could cost you more than you think 0

One of the main aims of performing regular
car servicing is to save money in the long term. When done properly this is possible, giving you improved fuel efficiency and an extended lifetime for all essential parts. But in trying to save money, some people go one step further and attempt to perform the car service themselves. Unfortunately this can lead to quite the opposite, and can land DIY motorists with a far heftier bill than the cost of a service carried out by professionals.

Car servicing by the professionals

Most importantly, if your vehicle is still under warranty there is a strong chance that this will be voided by all but the most trivial home servicing or repairs. While you are no longer required to have all car services carried out by the manufacturer’s main dealer, it is still necessary to have regular stamps by a qualified mechanic in your service history. If, many thousands of miles down the line, you need serious repairs and are hoping the manufacturer will foot the bill, there is a good chance they will pick out anything not carried out by a professional as an excuse to invalidate the warranty.

Regardless of warranty conditions, servicing your own vehicle can cause more problems than it’s worth in the long run. You may consider yourself a pretty adept home mechanic, and may even be quite proficient at changing your own oil and filters, but it is possible that you will miss many warning signs that may be picked up by experienced mechanics. In addition to changing the oil and replacing worn parts, a car service is intended to spot minor technical issues before they become big problems. A qualified mechanic will not only have a better idea of what to look out for, but they will probably have serviced many similar model cars in the past, so will know of specific problem areas common to that particular type of car.

When carrying out your own car servicing you may also fit a wrong or inferior part unknowingly. Many DIY servicing mishaps result in using the wrong oil in your engine, and having this drained and replaced can cost you far more than any money you may initially save.

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