Electric Cars Dominate Driver Satisfaction for 2016 0

The UK has begun to go electric and the drivers love it. The drivers of electric cars love them so much so that they have claimed the two top spots in the 2016 Driver Power survey. The Driver Power survey as undertaken by Auto Express had 50,000 responses covering 32 car makers and 150 different models.  So what are the two cars that clinched the top spots, and why do they deserve to be there?


The Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S comes top of the Driver Power survey with the highest score ever recorded. With an overall rating of 97.46%, the Model S came top of seven different categories and even achieved 100% satisfaction for ease of driving which again, has never been accomplished before.  There is no doubt that the Model S is a big hit in UK and sales will increase as time goes on, especially with the recent rankings in the Driver Power survey. With these amazing figures, it is no wonder why the Tesla Model S is the UK’s favourite car this year.

The Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe came in second for the Driver Power survey. This comes as he biggest shock in the motoring world as the car has been slated consistently since its conception in 2012. But according to the newest Driver Power Survey, it’s hugely popular with the British General Public.  The Zoe came in 3rd for costs, 4th for performance, 5th in ride quality, 2nd for ease of driving and 5th in in-car technology. So with these high figures, the dark horse of the Renault fleet deserves to be the second most satisfying car in the UK for 2016.

There are multiple other cars that make the top 10 in the survey but, the advice for the electric car industry is to push towards a better build-quality and they need to be more reliable. So, after the Zoe and the Model S have taken the top spots, will more electric cars like the Nissan Leaf start climbing up the list next year?