Full service history – a major selling point for used cars 0

When you’ve spent a significant amount of money on a car, you want to know that you’ll be able to sell it for a good price years down the line if you decide to trade it in for a new model.

Unfortunately in the used car trade there are no such guarantees, and depreciation in value is a natural part of life. But there are things you can do to help your car retain its value and increase your chances of getting a good part of your investment back.

Look for that all-important ‘full service history’

If you’ve ever looked through local newspaper adverts for a used car, you’ll notice that some (but not all) include the phrase, ‘full service history.’ This is a good indicator of a car that has been well looked after by its owner and that will hopefully provide many more years of motoring. It’s also proof that the mileage shown on the vehicle’s odometer is genuine.

Since 2003 the law has changed to allow independent garages to complete a full car service in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, and this has made it easier and more economical to ensure that when you come to sell your vehicle it has a full service history.

Servicing Stop provide car servicing for all makes and models, and with over 750 affiliated garages we can offer UK-wide coverage. Our aim is to help car owners get the most out of their vehicles and assist them in the difficult task of retaining its value. All of our technicians are experienced and fully qualified to carry out full car servicing, and they use only genuine parts. This not only looks good to prospective buyers, it also preserves your car’s warranty.

A simple choice

When given the choice between two virtually identical cars, one of which has a full service history and another that does not, people will usually pay more for the one with the service history. This tells them a lot about the car, but it also reveals a lot about its previous owners. Having a regular car service by an approved garage shows that you are a careful and conscientious motorist who cares about the condition of the vehicle. Someone who has taken the effort to make car servicing a priority is unlikely to have driven the vehicle roughly or mistreated it.

Most importantly, a full service history lists exactly what parts have been changed or repaired, and takes some of the guessing game out of buying a used car.

Servicing Stop offer car servicing that is both professional and up to 60% cheaper than taking your vehicle to a main dealer. Call us now or book online to arrange for a car service at a time that is convenient to you.