Germany Is Subsidising Electric Cars… 0

Germany Is Subsidising Electric CarsThe electronic car industry is now booming. With the very little environmental impacts that the electric cars have, governments all over the world are subsidising the vehicles to increase their popularity and thus, help the environment too.

The British government have been helping to subsidies the costs of electronic vehicles for some time now. There are packages of £2,500 and £4,000 (depending on the vehicle) available to those who wish to purchase an electric car. For vans, a grant of up to £8,000 can be issued. So as the UK government keeps subsiding, what have the German government done?

Well, they haven’t done anything up until now. But, there is an effective plan in action which aims to bring the electronic car to the foreground of the German automotive world. The German government have set aside €1 billion in order to help the growth and popularity of the electric car. The government have set aside €600 million for motorists looking to purchase an electric car. Much like the British government, there will be a €4,000 grant for a pure electric vehicle and a €3,000 grant for a plug-in hybrid. Then, there will be €300 million spent on charging stations across the country and €100 million spend on updating government cars.

So far, BMW, Volkswagen and the Daimler group have all signed up to the plan which aims to see one million electric cars on German roads by 2020. This is a high target considering there are only 50,000 electric cars out of 45 million overall but, we believe that it will be accomplished.

It will be a first come first served basis which should subsidise around 400,000 vehicles and, bring them to the forefront of mass culture. There is however one major issue surrounding the German government’s electric car subsidiary plans early stage. Critics argue for why the big car companies, especially Volkswagen, should benefit from government money. But, it has been argued that if the government subsidises the costs, then the German economy and car manufacturing companies will be protected from any future economic crashes. As well as that, the government’s subsidiary money will also enable further research into electric cars; this is a clause which the automotive companies have signed up to.

Europe’s drive towards the electric car is remarkable. Although money is being spent now, benefits will be felt both economically and environmentally in the future…