GoodYear Looks Down the Years at a Concept Tyre of the Future 0

This seems to be the year of concepts for autonomous cars doesn’t it? And Goodyear the tyre company is no exception to the rule. So what is there concept? And is it actually groundbreaking? Well, I happen to think so.

So what do we actually know about Goodyear? Well they’re an American tyre company who have been about for way over a century now holding a rather large monopoly on the tyre industry. Supplying tyres for cars, bikes, commercial trucks, aeroplanes, SUV’s and race cars to name just a few, Goodyear are at the top of their specific manufacturing field. But when you’re at the top, the only thing to do is fight to remain or fall down. So this new concept, in my opinion, could, if able to manufacture, keep them at the top for the foreseeable future.

GoodYear-Looks-Down-the-Years-at-a-Concept-Tyre-of-the-FutureThe ‘visionary’ new concept is spherical. Yes, spherical! The sphere tyre has specifically been designed for the autonomous vehicles that are to grace our presence within the next 10 years. Looking into the science behind the concept, of which I know nothing about (but does look interesting), Goodyear plan to revolutionise the way cars work completely. By using a sphere, the cars will have the ability to move in all directions and park in tight spaces. As well as that, the sphere will have the ability to move faster away from obstacles. Judging by Goggles autonomous car crash recently, it is most certainly needed.

The concept, named ‘Eagle 360’, will be attached to the car via magnetic levitation. This then allows for increased passenger comfort, less noise and, most importantly, more durability as there is a larger surface area on the road. This idea that the tyres can reposition themselves on the road will ultimately lead to a safer experience for the driver (or passenger due to the autonomous capabilities by then) as there will be less manoeuvring needed on a day by day basis.

There is also talk that these tyres will have a computer based system on board which will enable it to ‘talk’ to the cars on board systems for a better user experience. When weather or road conditions change then the tyres can adapt whilst also telling the car how to adapt also.

I don’t think that I could ever be tyred by all these concept features released by Goodyear.