Google Autonomous Car Has Learned More 0

Google Autonomous Car Has Learned MoreWe mentioned some time back that Google’s autonomous car has the ability to learn what different manoeuvres, signals and behaviours mean out on the roads, and then act accordingly to each specific one. The giant tech company have now managed to make the vehicle do the same trick, but within another important aspect of the road. The Google car can now recognise and learn cyclist behaviours. Thousands of cyclists are killed each year as a result of accidents on the road and now Google have taken a step forward in protecting cyclists through the automotive car.

Google’s autonomous car can now detect cyclist’s behaviour from bicycle movements, hand signals and other minute behaviours that we probably don’t even realise are occurring ourselves. Google’s Self-Driving Car Project Monthly Report states that, ‘We also aim to give cyclists ample buffer room when we pass, and our cars won’t squeeze by when cyclists take the centre of the lane, even if there’s technically enough space… Whether the road is too narrow or they’re making a turn, we respect this indication that cyclists want to claim their lane.’

This again fits in with Google’s car philosophy of polite and conservative driving in all situations. Apparently Google’s car is now road worthy in regards to the protection of cyclists. The final test performed by Google involved a parallel parked car with an open door near a cyclist. Because of the multiple cameras, radars and lidars, the cyclist was recognised. In fact, the cyclist was recognised far quicker by the car than a human would do, because of its huge technological vision.

We really do hope that the autonomous car becomes safer and safer as time advances. We have recently witnessed the first autonomous death and we don’t ever want to see another. We are sure we won’t as companies have made safety their highest priority.