GPS Bullets Are Now Being Used in the US 0

GPS Bullets Are Now Being Used in the USThe role of new technology and cars are reaching new-fangled levels and nothing seems to be slowing them down. US cop cars, if you haven’t seen them in action on any late night TV, are extremely vital in stopping most criminal activity. Cars are constantly used in high speed chases, as cameras and surveillance units as well as shields from bullets. Quite recently for example, we talked about Fords new bullet proof car. This car had so much new technology that both the new sedans and SUVs had doors that are equipped to stop bullets from an AK-47. So what is the most recent technology this time?

The newest technology that relates to cars and comes straight from the states, are GPS bullets. These bullets, hidden in the grilles of the police cars, can be fired onto a rogue car and therefore, a dangerous high speed pursuit need not occur as the location of the vehicle can be tracked via real time GPS.

Called StarChase, the technology sounds futuristic but at this moment in time, they are in their early stages of development. To this date they have a recorded 50 percent success rate. It has however been argues that this will change when US police forces are better trained, and when they have the ability to attach better when it is raining. But, there have been multiple success stories whereby criminals have been caught and arrested and stolen cars have been returned to their owners. This new technology, when coupled with the likes of the FordPass and GM’s OnStar system, will hopefully mean that stolen vehicles will hopefully be a thing of the past.

Everyone has seen those extremely dangerous high speed pursuits on TV. They almost always end up in crashes, deaths to the criminals or the police force, damage to property or damage to police cars. Hopefully with this technology, the unnecessary danger to the public and to officers can stop for good.

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