Why regular services are vital for your safety 2

Regular Car Servicing

Car servicing is not only important for keeping your vehicle in good condition. It is also essential for ensuring a safe drive. An inadequately maintained and inspected car can prove dangerous, and significantly increase your chances of being involved in an accident.

Most people are aware that car servicing entails an oil and filter change, but there is also an inspection element to the process that is absolutely vital for the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Some safety checks can be carried out at home and should be performed at intervals in-between regular car services. These include:

· Ensuring all lights work – Headlights, tail lights, brake lights, indicators and fog lights should all be in full working order.

· Checking tyre pressure – The correct pressure (measured in PSI) varies between makes and models of cars, so check the manufacturer’s guidelines.

· Checking tyre tread – All tyres wear over time, so it is essential to regularly check the tread, especially in winter. As well as being dangerous due to the potential for loss of control and blowouts, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with insufficient tread. Spot checks are carried out by police and the minimum for cars and light vehicles in the UK is a tread depth of 1mm and a width of 1.6mm. Less than this can result in a hefty fine for each affected tyre and penalty points on your licence.

A professional car service

Many safety checks however require the attention of a professional mechanic. Most importantly they will check the brakes and steering during a car service, and repair or replace these as necessary before they become dangerous. Car servicing also involves checks on the exhaust to ensure that toxic carbon monoxide fumes are not leaking into the car’s interior.

Servicing Stop – servicing your safety needs

At Servicing Stop we have over 750 qualified and experienced car service technicians in locations throughout the UK. Our prices are often up to 60% cheaper than those offered by main dealers, ensuring that you don’t have to put finances above the safety of yourself and your passengers.

To book a car service including a full safety inspection, call our freephone number today or book online. At a time convenient to you, one of our agents will pick up the car free of charge, perform the service at a registered local garage, and return it to your home or workplace, also for free.