How car servicing can save you money 0

If your engine is healthy, it’s also efficient…


To many drivers, the car service is a necessary expense, something that has to be stumped up for each year. But keeping your car in top condition will save you money, not just in the long run either. Here are some basic practical maintenance tips that could potentially lower your car’s running costs.

Full service. A full service usually entails an oil change along with replacement oil and air filters. Renewing these keeps the core of the engine in its optimum condition, reduces friction and ensures fuel is combusted by the engine in the most economical way. Depending on the model, most cars will also need new spark plugs, a fuel filter and a change of antifreeze every other service.

Oil change. Oil – the life blood of the engine. Without the lubrication of oil, the engine’s heavy metal parts would grind dangerously against each other. Oil also protects the engine against damage caused by heat, water and tiny particles that are produced when the engine is running. When you book your service with a garage, the correct oil for your particular make and model will be determined by the garage.

Correct tyre pressure. According to experts, up to 20% of your car’s energy consumption directly relates to your tyres. This effectively makes them the biggest money saving variable on a car’s performance. The most important thing you can do is ensure they’re inflated correctly. Running a car with correctly inflated tyres will lower your fuel bills and prolong the life of the tyres themselves.

Tyres that are underinflated will flex when you’re on the move, this builds up heat – which wears the tyre out quicker than normal. Some tyre manufacturers say a tyre underinflated by 20% can have its lifespan reduced by the same amount.

To check your tyre pressure – most vehicles have their correct pressure readings tucked away in the doorframe, so when you get the chance have a look. Most garages and service stations will have tyre inflating facilities on their forecourts if you don’t have one at home.

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