How to change your oil – Part 1 0

Oil changes are the standard part of our services and are one of the most important procedures for any car.

Today we explain how to do this for you. Before we continue we must mention that changing your own oil can be dangerous and that it should be done with lot of care.

Why change your engine oil?

Clean engine oil keeps your car running to its optimum level. As you drive along and increase your mileage, oil gets blocked naturally and is filled with unwanted elements.

It is recommended that you change your oil at least once per year with every car service. However some drivers may need to do that sooner depending on their type of car and the way in which they drive.

Step 1

Ensure that you have the correct oil for your car and the correct oil filter. Beware that some cars require a special type of oil that may come at a cost. All equipment and tools should be prepared before hand and be within reaching distance.

Before draining out the old oil, you may want to open the hood of the car and open the oil filler cap on the top of the engine. This will help the oil drain easier because air can flow in as the crankcase drains.

Step 2 – Find the drain plug

The drain plug is located at the bottom of the oil pan normally towards the back of the engine. Ensure there is some sort of material to catch and soak up the oil as it drips down. Unwanted segments may leak onto your driveway or onto the road.

Step 3 – Take apart the drain plug

Ensure that the correctly sized tool is used to carry out this procedure. The drain plug must be loosened anti clockwise. You may need an extra bit of control depending on where the drain plug sits. If so, ensure that you have the correct type of tool such as an adding an extension to your ratchet. Remove the drain plug gasket and replace it too unless the washer is in good enough condition to be reused.

(If the drain falls into the oil, locate it with a magnetic type of expandable rod)

If your vehicle has a special type of filter element rather than the typical spinning type, this requires you to open the oil cap and remove the filter element.

(To be continued ….check  next entry)