Huge buzz behind the brand new Baby Jeep 0

new-baby-jeep-modelThe new Baby Jeep model is set to unveiled at next week’s Geneva Motor Show. However images have been already leaked online which has left many very excited about the Jeep’s appearance next week. Fans can expect it to be in showrooms in by the end of the year or 2015 at the latest. It is expected to be priced at around £14,000.

The leaked images claim to show the final production version of the BabyJeep. They were seen on automotive website Jalopnik. Pictures showed the vehicle’s off road styling features.

The vehicle will not the Jeepster name it has been confirmed by Fiat-Chrylser CEO Sergio Marchionne.



A removable twin sunroof system, named ‘My Sky’ is shown is one picture, with another image showing front mounted towing eyes. This may be a dedicated off-road version. This particular version is set to be badged as ‘Trial rated’. Images also show the vehicle to be badged ‘Renegade’.


Classic Jeep features

The Baby Jeep will have the classic Jeep front end which comes with round lights. The striking front bar grille is included with large square tail lights. Although the vehicle has been described as a ‘Baby’, it does have large SUV proportions.

The interior doesn’t seem to disappoint in terms of equipment. The large screen is central to the console and has infotainment and navigation functionality.

The vehicle’s main rivals will include the Nissan Juke, the Renault Captur and the Peugeot 2008. The target market will be those who require a vehicle with more off road type of capability.



It was developed with the Fiat 500X crossover. It shares it’s main mechanical body structure with the Vauxhall Corsaand and the Fiat Punto, named the SCCS platform. The vehicle will have an all wheel drive capability. The Jeep models will be produced in Fiat’s Melfi factory in Italy.

The Baby Jeep is likely to share it’s engine with the Fiat 500X. No engine types have been confirmed as of yet. Experts believe that the vehicle will use 1.3 litre turbo diesel engines in Europe as well as a 0.9 turbocharged petrol engine. The turbo diesel’s are currently used by the Fiat.

Jeep owners Fiat Chrylser have extremely high hopes for the brand. They hope to sell at least one million units per year. Out of all three brands, it is safe to say that the Jeep brand is the most successful out of the three.