Hyundai Are Only Going Backwards in Singapore 0

Hyundai Are Only Going Backwards in SingaporeThere are a select few Hyundai vehicles that are suffering from sudden unintended acceleration (SUA) in Singapore. This has led to an investigation by both the government and the car company itself. The strangest thing is that the SUA occurs when the vehicles are put in reverse.

The sudden and rapid reversing that keeps occurring with the Hyundai vehicles, are under investigation by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority after there have been 417 accidents between 2010 and 2014. 60 percent of these directly involved Hyundai and Kia vehicles (Kia are Hyundai’s sister company). This total is only rising recently as well.

It is unknown what makes the SUA occur. It is most probably a mechanical fault but, human error cannot be disregarded. As aforementioned, there were multiple accidents which occurred between 2010 and 2014 and as a result of this; Hyundai installed a ‘brake pedal throttle override’ in 2012. But, it is unknown how many vehicles are equipped with the technology. It is also unknown if the technology is even working considering that the accidents are still frequently occurring.

The accidents seem to occur with Hyundai’s Sonata vehicles. But even more worrying, is the fact that a lot of the accidents which been captured show the accidents occur with a taxi company Comfort DelGro. It has been stated that they have been experiencing the SUA phenomenon the most.

The Singaporean authorities and Comfort DelGro have not issued a statement as of yet. They both have stated that they are investigating and no conclusions will be drawn until there is solid fact. A national newspaper is therefore reporting the majority of what is happening to Hyundai and their reversing vehicles. Hyundai have also stated that they are investigating what is happening too. Hopefully for Hyundai, they will get to the problem before someone gets seriously injured…

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