Hyundai To Unleash Prius Rival 0

The Toyota Prius has been the standalone vehicle in the hybrid world for some time now. They have been seen as affordable, reliable and effective hybrid vehicles. Now however, Hyundai look set to undercut the massive Japanese automotive company after releasing specs and pricing on a new range of Ioniq models.


The new Hyundai Ioniq models will be the first in the world to be offered with three different electrified powertrains. Each ranging in price, customers will be able to choose from the likes of an all electric, a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid all for £3,000 less than the Toyota Prius. With the price tag, one would expect that the technical statistics wouldn’t be too flattering, but they are. The hybrid Ioniq will come with a 1.6 litre petrol engine with an electric motor and lithium ion battery. The plug-in hybrid will sport a 1.6 litre petrol engine whilst also having a 31 mile all electric range. Lastly, and most impressively, the all electric Ioniq will have a 28kWh battery allowing for a 174 mile range. Moreover, the all electric Ioniq will be able to reach 80% recharge in 33 minutes via 50kW rapid charger.

The technical statistics and the price are great, but Hyundai have also placed a lot of emphasis on the actual vehicle itself. With the base model fitted with 15inch alloy wheels, a DAB Radio, Bluetooth, cruise control, rear parking sensors and autonomous emergency braking, the three other trim levels will offer comfort and multiple other technologies to entice would be Prius driver to choose the Ioniq.

Hyundai will also offer the vehicle with a five year unlimited mileage warranty, just to settle any nerves. Maybe the Prius’ time in the sun is now over with the Ioniq soon to arrive in town…