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A new study has found that women are ‘better’ than men when buying a new car.

The study, undertaken by Auto Express, sent one man and one woman to ten different show rooms to buy the exact same first hand car. The results were quite surprising in what you would have expected stereotypically did actually happen.  So what actually happened?


The Man

The man sent in to undertake the task was awarded with two better deals than that of the woman. It must also be noted that during this time, many of the salesmen in the ten dealerships were far friendlier to him than the woman.

The Woman

So, the reaction to the women is where it gets interesting. The study shows that the woman got six better deals than that of the man. Which leads to two draws overall. But, it is the reaction of the car salesmen which is most despicable. The women, who enjoyed more of a discount than that of the men, had to sit through and listen to arduous and long conversations about what each button on the car did whilst also getting chatted up the whole time.

So the verdict is out and as a result of the study, Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealership Association and representing 3,000 UK dealerships has stressed the fact that if ‘these complaints are brought to me I shall look into them – personally.’

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