Is the Mazda CX-3 the Perfect Millennial’s Car? 0

The SUV is the biggest selling motor vehicle on the market right now. In India and China as some of the biggest automotive markets for example, they are by some way, the dominating vehicle. After a recent survey undertaken by Ford, there has been some inclination to where the vehicles are going. With three distinct categories being ‘modern mums’, ‘millennials’ and ‘quintastics’, companies now know where they must market their SUV’s for the biggest amount of success. Mazda have certainly done this for the millennial SUV driver with the new CX-3.


The SUV crossover CX-3 by Mazda will sell well within the millennial demographic. It perfectly combines the feel and looks of an SUV with the drive and performance of a hatchback. In fact, the CX-3 feels like the child of the Mazda 2 hatchback and the CX- 5 SUV but with a much sportier and youthful feel. The vehicle will therefore roll and move like a hatchback whilst also boasting the raised stance that you would expect from an SUV.

The interior also screams millennial too. The dashboard and gadget controls are laid out in a simple manner whereby all of the dials and buttons are extremely accessible. But, with the interior design and trim offered, it doesn’t look as if they have been placed there for the elderly to easily access (although the most certainly could). Instead, a fresh approach is given. It reminds us here of a minimalist modern home rather than a purely accessible interior, which is perfect for the millennial.

There is also a large range of petrol and diesel engine options available too. In fact, there are too many to pick from so, we will quickly explain the technical statistics of the quickest and slowest alternatives available. The slowest option ensures that the vehicle takes 11.9 seconds to reach 60 mph whilst also having a top speed of 107mph. On the other hand, if one was to select the quickest option, then expect a top speed of 124mph and 8.7 seconds to get to 60mph. So for a crossover SUV, these are not bad times at all unless you were to compare it to a luxury rival.

The CX-3 may not have been directly created for the millennial but, with its £22,995 price tag alongside its design and statistics, it makes perfect sense as a drivers first crossover SUV in an expensive and competitive market.

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