Kia’s Mid-Life Facelift 0

There comes a time in many cars’ life when a change is needed to keep it fresh from any sort of competition from any other main competitor. Kia has therefore updated two of its most popular cars because of this. The two cars in question are the Rio and the Picanto, and the reason for the facelift is because of the vehicles category. The supermini and hatch back models are the two most popular form of vehicle available in the market and therefore, revisions will always be necessary in order for them to consistently sell well.

The mid-life facelifts will work wonders for the company as they are extremely simple, but will also be effective too. There will be very minute design restructuring, added technology and added trim levels for the five door vehicles. Kia has also stated that they will not be charging any extra for the facelifted vehicles, which again is a good business strategy.


There will be four added trim models now available to purchase, these will include; 1 Air, SE, 3 and 4. All models and trims will come with extra technology as standard. The added technology will include Bluetooth, leather trimmed steering wheel and air conditioning amongst other small tech features.  The SE models will receive climate control and start-stop technology. The range topping models will receive a twin exhaust system, a redesigned sports exterior, a faux leather interior, Sat-Nav and 15 inch alloy wheels.

So the Kia Rio and Picanto’s mid-life facelift will be used as a means to fend off competition from the multiple other automotive companies selling this styled car. There hasn’t been an extraordinary change, but the changes that have been made are extremely clever and will certainly make the two vehicles continue to sell well.