Meet the Servicing Stop network – An interview with Eddie of Swanley Garage Services 0

Meet-the-Servicing-Stop-networkServicing Stop is the UK’s largest online car servicing booker. Every day thousands of customers use Servicing Stop to book their vehicle services or MOTs. So far, over 1,500 independent garages have signed up to the Servicing Stop network – sharing £50 million between them. Swanley Garage Services signed up around seven months ago. We went down to north Kent to have a chat with the owner, Eddie.


What would you say your garage’s mission statement is?

“If there’s a problem, we make sure the customer leaves happy. We built this garage up through 100 percent honesty.”


Why did you join Servicing Stop?

“To be honest, I thought they’d be bombarded with garages trying to get on the network list. Especially where we are, I thought you’d have at least two or three garages here already. Then about seven months ago, I thought why not? Let’s just go for it. See what happens.”


How many jobs do you get roughly a week?

“When it started, it was one or two a day, I thought that’s how it is. Then it jumped up to four a day, and I thought this is good. Then six…Now we’re looking at somewhere in the region of fifty a week, works out at about ten a day. It’s rewarding, because as well as proximity, jobs are allocated depending on overall customer satisfaction. Knowing that makes you feel good.”


Tell me about a normal day at Swanley Garage Services.

“By 8, we’ve got at least five of your jobs in. Straight away we get them up on the lifters, and get the first inspection done. Whilst that’s happening, the drivers are out getting the next lot in. Then in the afternoon we concentrate on our own customers and the authorised additional work.”


What would you say to other garages thinking of joining Servicing Stop?

“It’s nice when you get a thousand pounds a day in your account at the end of the week, it’s really, really helpful. Now we’re up to five grand a week, don’t get me wrong, by the time I’ve paid all the drivers, and taken the cost of parts out; I’m still left with a good proportion of it, which is very helpful.”


Why do you think more customers are using online service providers like Servicing Stop?

“Times have changed because of the internet, people shop around to save money, and twenty years ago the only choice was to go to the local garage. I think a lot of it comes down to cost. They say things like: ‘I rang my local mechanic up, who I’ve been going to for years and years, and he quoted me £300 to do my service this year, I’ve got to save the money.’”


Where do you see the garage in five years time?

“I’ve already made some big changes on the back of Servicing Stop. Over the Christmas period, I bought three new ramps. In five years time, it would be lovely to have a mechanic on each one of our ramps, and with the work from Servicing stop and my local work, to fill them from the servicing.”


Do you enjoy your work?

“I wake up in the morning, and I do look forward to coming here. Especially, because of Servicing Stop because it’s like a new challenge for me. I love to be challenged.”


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