Mexico City in Pollution Trouble Again 0

Mexico-City-in-Pollution-Trouble-AgainWe have of course seen the rise of the emissions scandal, electric cars and autonomous cars so far this year. Because of these huge news pieces, we have to constantly tell you about them. But in the background there has been another constant, and that is the pollution levels in Mexico City. This year, we have seen the pollution levels rise rapidly in the city forcing the government to enact some pretty stringent rules to deal with the high smog levels.

In 1992, Mexico City was declared the most polluted city in the world, but after many years and a lot of hard work, the government managed to hugely reduce the enormous levels of pollution. There wasn’t a pollution warning in the city for a decade but since 2016, there have been four separate warnings of smog. This May saw the most recent of these warnings as pollution levels reached double the acceptable safety limit.  The result was a ban on 20 percent of the vehicles in the city for the day.

In order to curb the pollution levels, the government decided to set laws which prohibited the use of specific vehicles on specific days. There is then a 20 percent reduction of vehicles on the road per weekday as the population is forced into alternative modes of transportation. This still didn’t help the pollution levels for the fourth and most recent emergency declaration.

It seems as if this problem will keep occurring. Mexico City will consistently be plagued with high pollution levels as a result of the dense population, the geographic location of the city and the intense heat.

The smog did clear up eventually as a result of a huge downpour and other weather conditions. Vehicles account for around 45 percent of the cities pollution levels so there needs to be a more sustainable means to deal with the problem. Possibly an electric car subsidiary plan like the Uk and Germany? What do you think…