PSA Trying To Get Ahead 0

PSA-Trying-To-Get-AheadWe don’t know how many times we have stated just how lucrative, yet competitive, the world of the electric/hybrid car is. As big as it is now, it will only get bigger and bigger, as more public interest develops and emissions laws get tighter and tighter. We know that many car companies are either developing, have developed, or have all electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicles on sale at the moment. We are all aware of the big brands doing this, but what about Citroën and Peugeot, are they not big brands?

The PSA group (Citroën and Peugeot) have been sitting on the sidelines during the race to become the electric motoring champion. So with this being said, where have they been, and what are they up to now?

Well up until just now, they haven’t really been to proactive. This is mainly due to the company crisis from 2012-14, which was severely detrimental to their research and innovation departments. Since then, they have been trying to play catch up to some of the biggest players in the motoring world. Now however, PSA may have found their lucky break. The start up will do this by

Having just recently confirmed that they well be investing in an Israeli start up group named Aquarius, they may soon find themselves at the top of the cleaner emissions producing ladder if all goes to plan. Aquarius is a company who are attempting to re-imagine the fundamentals of the engine. This redesign will occur by converting the range extender down to a single piston, which moves within a valveless 600cc cylinder. A result of this is the generation of power from the electromagnetic coils with each passing stroke. According to many technological institutions, this may deliver twice the power of a standard combustion engine.

PSA have given very little away in regards to the investment, but that have stated that “we are evaluating the technology… [But] nothing has been decided yet.”

It will be very interesting if this investment will actually work for the PSA group, let’s just hope that it actually does…