Renault UK kills off four models 1

Renault UK will axe four models from their line-up in what is considered quite a surprising move by the company.

Models to be axed

The models in the firing line are the Renault Laguna, the Renault Espace, the Renault Kangoo and the Renault Trafic. The Wind roadster and coupe versions of the Laguna are set to be abandoned, along with both versions of the Modus. This will come as disappointing news to the vehicles huge following here in the UK. Sources have claimed that these particular vehicles have been making a loss for a number of years. Some say that the losses date back to 2006.

Action was needed

Renault has said in a press release that the action may be drastic but it is needed. The official statement read “We have a corporate target to be profitable in all the countries that Renault sells cars and that demands tough action in the UK,”

Why only here in the UK?

The question of why are the cuts only happening in the UK has been touted around by many journalists. Strangely the models will continue to be sold throughout the other European markets despite countries such as Spain and Italy producing poor results this year.

Electric cars to replaced axed models?

The reasoning behind the decision could to make way for new electric vehicles for the UK. The market for this particular type of vehicle is slowly but surely getting stronger. Renault are said to make research on development of electric cars their number one priority next year. Clearing these models off the UK production lines will make cash available to fund this project.

The electric cars in question expected to replace the current line-up in the future are the Zoe supermini, the Twizy and the Fluence. These cars represent a huge turnaround to say the least.

The Renault Clio

More pressure is now placed upon the new generation Renault Clio. The popular small car has also suffered from a setback in sales recently. The once best seller is now facing an uphill battle to once retain it’s once glorious reputation.

Fans will be pleased to hear that the Renault Megane and Scenic will return, with them both receiving some wonderful improvements.

How will the market take to Renault’s decision? Will the company benefit? It was a brave choice which was perhaps a forced one given the current market conditions.

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