Rust and the Modern Vehicle 0

Rust is what everyone associates with bikes, locks and cars from the 60s, so why now are we facing multiple modern cars that seem to have a problem with rust?

Rust, must seem to me to be a thing of the past. Manufacturers have moved away from the old materials which rust used to hold on to for dear life and now we are subject to vehicles made out of aluminium , plastics and multiple random composites.


So, according to recent research, in 2013 5.11% of all class 4 vehicles (which includes cars, taxis, minibuses and ambulances up to 12 passenger seats, and goods vehicles not exceeding 3,000 kg) which had an MOT failed because of rust. For rust to fail an MOT is very serious, imagine having so much rust, in a fairly new car, forcing you off the road.

Servicing Stop is therefore here to warn you about the dangers of rust.  Rust, in new build cars especially rust in secret. No longer will you see the outside of the body rust but now, inside can be in a dismal state. But, evidence suggests that the rusting problem that has occurred in modern cars is in fact a slight manufacturing problem. Ford for example had estate cars that rusted. These estates however were only developed over an 18 month period. Dacia had a range of Dusters to which were recalled because of rust. A mistake was made when painting the body of the car and as a result, rust appeared and the Duster’s were recalled so repairs could be made.

So rust is still a problem with modern cars but, not in the way it used to be. The technology and the materials used to build cars are far more impressive than it has ever been.

Rust-and-the-Modern-Vehicle2Servicing Stop will leave you with a few pieces of advice for when it comes to attempting to combat rust. Firstly, it may be worth getting some anti-corrosion spray. This may sound like a simple idea but in the end it could save you a small fortune. Plus, have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle won’t rust because you will have anti-corrosion spray at work, even if it is against nothing.  Secondly, when looking to buy a car or any sort of vehicle, just check if has any parts made of galvanised steel. This seems to be the failing in the fight against rust. Finally, if possible, check to see what your car is made from if you are ever to go abroad and keep your car with you. Different vehicles from different countries have different metallic elements to stop them from rusting in different elements.