Servicing Car Air Conditioning 0

In this day and age, most cars coming off the production lines have air conditioning built in as standard. Not many people realise that air conditioning systems within cars should be serviced regularly. Its efficiency and quality can be compromised otherwise.

What exactly does the air conditioning in your car consist of?  The main parts are the receiver, dryer, condenser, expansion valve, compressor, air conditioning lines and evaporator. The system is can be considered quite complex in the way it works.

But what are the real advantages of having air conditioning? During the summer months, the hot and sometimes unbearable weather can be managed with cool clean air from the air conditioning system. On the contrary, air conditioning systems can be used to benefit everyone during the winter months as well. When mist appears on the windows the cool air can quickly blow this away and make the windows clear again. The car can also be warm without the air being released being stuffy during the colder seasons. Air conditioning also assists in keeping the driver and passengers alert with the air being fresh and non sticky. The chance of drowsiness is significantly decreased.

Considering this, car air conditioning servicing should be taken seriously by motorists. An extensive and quality service can be quoted at a competitive price from Servicing Stop. What’s exactly involved in the process?  The system is cleaned and removed of any bacteria so any bad odours are removed. The air conditioning system is also completely recharged with new lubricant and gas being added to the correct levels. Built up air and moisture is also removed and an inspection is given to check for any leaks and wear of components.

As the air conditioning is used throughout the year, 10-15% of coolant can be lost throughout. There can be serious implications to the system components when this occurs, therefore its performance is directly affected. Servicing the system can potentially save huge repair bills and keeps the overall system more efficient.

If your car needs an air conditioning service, Servicing Stop can provide you with a comprehensive and affordable service. At Servicing Stop we treat all air conditioning services booked with absolute care and professionalism. Trained mechanics and quality assured garages deal with your service ensuring that everything is completed to the highest standard.  We cover the whole of the UK with over 1000 garages, using the latest, most appropriate and quality equipment