Servicing Stop launches pioneering new video ‘trust’ verification service for customers 0

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Ask the majority of car owners their opinion of the car servicing industry and it’s quite likely the response will be (a) unfavourable and (b) potentially contain a fair amount of swearing.

But why is this the case? What is it about car servicing that irks customers so much?

In numerous surveys, car dealerships and independently run garages traditionally rank as the industries with the lowest levels of customer trust in the UK. Recent figures from the Engine Customer Experience Survey (August 2016) reveal that only 10% of customers trust automotive brands, a similar study conducted by AutoTrader (September 2016) show that only 7% of UK consumers trust used car dealerships.

Roughly translated, the figures point towards customers not having a tremendous amount of faith in the levels of integrity behind the annual car servicing chore. Perhaps the long held tradition of being without your car for the day, being presented with a list of incomprehensible items needing attention justified by some unfathomable mechanic speak, then paying through the nose for the privilege has started to wear thin in the eyes of the UK’s car owners?

In a move aimed at improving the ‘trust’ bond between customers and the mechanics performing their car service; car servicing provider Servicing Stop has launched a innovative new mobile app that make the entire car servicing process completely transparent.

Using the app, the mechanic can document all aspects of the service using a series of videos and images. Items needing attention can be filmed while the servicing mechanic provides commentary outlining the reasons why the work is necessary. The customer is then free to make an informed decision whether or not they wish the mechanic to proceed with the work.

The company’s joint-CEO Oliver Richmond said, “Our goal is to radically improve the motorist’s experience of car servicing. Having your car serviced should be easy, convenient and affordable. Numerous studies have highlighted ‘trust’ as the customer’s biggest bugbear during the servicing process. We believe in a greater level of transparency, as well as embracing new technology – such as video and photo images – that can enhance the service experience.”

The app is now available to all garages on the Servicing Stop network.

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