The Chevrolet Joke? 0

Chevrolet has been a world recognised automotive brand for decades now. They now produce sports cars which are very popular in the United States. Although there are only a few models now sold in Europe, the automotive company sits thirteenth in Brand Finance’s list of the most valuable automotive brands in the world. Owned by General Motors, Chevrolet has many fans around the world including one super fan…


To model alongside the Chevrolet Volt and the soon to be released Bolt EV, one fan has decided to take it upon himself to create the Chevrolet Jolt EV. What is the Jolt you ask? Well it is a fictional vehicle with its very own, and impressive it must be said, website.

So what can the fictional car do? Well the creator has said that the Jolt EV, which is one of the first all electric sports cars, will have a 230 mile range, will recharge to full in nine hours, whilst also doing 0-60mph in 5 second and having a top speed of  140mph. At least there are no outrageous statistics to the Jolt EV. There will also be a range of technology included too. With a large information touch screen, intelligent driving assist and technological communication with smart phones, the vehicle certainly does sound extremely realistic.

The Jolt is based upon an already existing concept car created by Chevrolet. The Chevrolet Tru 140s was shown at the Detroit Auto Show in 2012 and has only been recently resurrected. Although the whole concept of creating an extremely believable website for a fictional vehicle does seem ridiculous, there is a small amount of logic behind this thinking. The logic lies within the authors want for a larger range of all electric vehicles. So, if there is enough awareness and like for this idea, will Chevrolet then manufacturer the Jolt? It’s up to you to decide.

We recommend you try and find the website as soon as possible before it is taken down. It is impressive to say the least…

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