The First Autonomous Fatality 0

The-First-Autonomous-FatalityThis is of course sad news for anyone to read, but the first autonomous driving death has been confirmed. Our condolences go out to the driver’s friends and family during this horrible time for them. But, as a motoring blog, the story must be reported.

The man in question, whose Tesla Model S failed to apply the brakes when another vehicle turned left, crashed as the vehicle was in autopilot mode as it drove down the highway. Tesla in a blog post stated that “with the bottom of the trailer impacting the windshield of the Model S”, it attempted to drive at full speed. We are aware that the man was a huge fan of both technology in general and of his Tesla. Therefore, the crash comes down to the autopilot mode.

This accident comes at a time when there has been much debate surrounding autonomous driving. It was only a matter of time until there was a fatality, and sadly it has come too soon. If you also read one of our previous blog posts then you will be aware of a large philosophical debate also surrounding the autonomous vehicle.

Tesla is soon to announce a new model either later this year or early 2017. There already have been 200,000 deposits paid for the highly anticipated vehicle but will this accident put them off?

We send our condolences to both the man’s family and friends…